Copyright Policy

Live Online Services respects the intellectual property rights of others and urges its users to reciprocate the same courtesy. Live Online Services is very strict on copyright violation and vows to rigorously safeguard copyright owners’ legal rights. We will assiduously respond to any copyright infringement claims executed using the LOS service.

Kindly notify us through the proper channels in the event that you are a copyright owner, or an agent thereof, of any content that you are certain is an infringement to your copyrights by streaming on Live Online Services. The following information MUST be included in a proper notification:

1. Provide your identity, either as:
a) The owner(s) of the allegedly infringed copyrights, or
b) A person(s), or entity, bequeathed with the legal obligation to act for the owner of copyrighted content(s).

2. Provide your contact information: legally recognized name, telephone number, street address, and email address.

3. Identify the allegedly infringed copyrighted work, or a list of the works, in the event that several copyrighted works are posted on a single website.

4. Identify the content that is allegedly in infringement of your copyrights, and to whose access you wish to be disabled across the World Wide Web by Live Online Services.

5. Provide the URL (s) to the alleged content.

6. Clearly state that you are certain the manner of the alleged content’s usage is not permitted by the law, the bona fide copyright owner(s), or its agent(s).

7. Declare that the information given in the notice is accurate and true, as provided for under Penalty of Perjury.